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Do I need to plug the phone in?
   There are no power cords and no external recording devices.
All components, including power supply, are inside the phone.

How do I start the phone?
Turn on the audio board and recording device at the start of your event.
When your event ends, you can turn them off, or just leave
it on and let the battery drain (about 12 hours).
An instruction sheet with a video link is included with your phone.

How does the custom greeting work?
  We can record it for you, or you can send us a recording. 
It doesn't have to be fancy, and any file type will work.
We'll do any required editing, conversions, and add the beep.
It will play each time the phone is picked up.


How do I get my finished recording?
Your event will be posted on our site within two business days after we receive it.
It can be listened to and downloaded at no cost.
Your guests are welcome to download the audio as well.

What if I don't want my event posted online?
You can email us at any time before your event and let us know.
We'll email or Dropbox your final audio depending on its size.

How do I return the phone?
The phone can be packed in the same box it came in, with the same packaging material.
A return label will be included. Place the return label
over the old label and drop the box off at the post office.
You can also schedule a free porch pick-up HERE.

When is the phone due back?
The phone is due to be postmarked no later than two business days
after your event, which is usually a Tuesday. Shipping delays on your return
are not your responsibility, only that it is postmarked on time. 
Let us know if you need extra time, we're happy to schedule that.

Will background noise be a problem?
There will be minimal background noise thanks to our 15 years of audio production.
All audio is edited and cleaned with three types of software.

How do custom colors work?
Your phone will be professionally painted, with accents also in your color choice.
Choose from the color samples in the photos on your phone's shop page.


What type of microphone do the phones have?
We upgrade each handset with the capsule from a professional
microphone for superior sound quality.

Is a sign included?
Yes, an 8 x 10 white table sign and frame is included.
With the payphones, a sign is also included in the face frame.
You are welcome to change the signs out if you'd prefer to use your own.

Any other questions?
Please email us at:

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